BSM Core Values

BSM Technologies undertook a review of the organization’s core values. Using a variety of channels, including employee surveys, stakeholder consultations, and facilitated workshops, the Human Resources department collected input from the entire organization. Employees were extremely invested in the process, and, as a result, provided many values they felt represented the culture at BSM.

Fresh Communications was asked to review and consolidate feedback into five core value statements that would:

  • Be memorable and defendable
  • Guide employees in stressful and difficult situations and assist them in making decisions
  • Represent distinct elements of BSM’s culture
  • Highlight desired behaviours
  • Stand the test of time
“Fresh Communications did an excellent job of distilling a large amount of stakeholder input into meaningful core value statements that truly reflect the culture of BSM Technologies. It was a pleasure working with Heather on this project. She collaborated with our team throughout the process, including providing input on the roll out to the organization. We would definitely recommend Fresh Communications and we look forward to working with Heather again.”

Carrie LePage, former Vice President, Marketing BSM Technologies (Now Geotab)